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Change direction! (CONTACT ME)

You risk injury when playing rugby  - only use these techniques if you are prepared to accept the risk of injury.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it!

But when you know what to do and

you are prepared to practice enough

you will do it instinctively.

Evasion techniques the difference between winning and losing?

It may be so. You be the judge!

Do these techniques really work?

Yes, see them help Eric Duechle become a Champion!

I'm pleased and proud of Eric's comment on being included in an MLR team of the week...

One word: Proud. I dedicate this accomplishment to Peter Dawson who taught me to think evasively and to look for the magic in life. Cheers my friend

Master some fantastic evasion techniques.

Concentrate first on MIS then QIK.

Tacklers know they've got you - then things suddenly change - you leave them wondering what happened.

You do what's necessary.

You plan ahead or change direction in a flash when a gap appears.

When you practice enough you won't even be aware of thinking.

You'll do it in the moment, instinctively.

Learn now. Create chaos!
Your way to the next level, the elite level or even the Olympics!

Crack defences.

Do it consistently.

Do it with either leg.
Do it instinctively.

Please note -  these techniques are not for touch football where players leap sideways to avoid being touched but make no progress forwards through the defense.

Most eStepz techniques are performed at pace - you avoid your opponent AND move past them whether they manage to touch you or not!

Evasion steps

Be different, be the difference!

eStepz-like evasion - break defences, score tries.

For full individual clips see Video page.

eStepz - you shred defences and get out of tricky situations.

eStepz MIS - the miss-step

eStepz QIK - the quick step

eStepz BAK - the backwards step

eStepz FOR - the forwards step

eStepz SLO - the slow step

eStepz DUM - the dummy step

The eStepz MIS

When you`ve practiced and you can do this, people may tell you it`s the best sidestep they`ve ever seen.

Some people will not even know what happened - but they would know they have seen things that are special.

The MIS is the most versatile, useful and devastating.

Learn this, then learn the others.

It will be easy because you will already feel comfortable despite the need, when doing these techniques, for you being out of balance.

If you already know a bit about sidesteps, wipe the slate clean.

Closely follow the instructions and videos on how you do this technique.


Learn, practice and you will have a real sidestep. People will think you were born with it!

Take your time. Take as long as it takes. The amount of time you need to spend on each phase will depend upon your previous experience.

There are no short cuts.

You must either have the experience or be prepared to create experience.

Look forward to hearing people say you`re a natural!

Start right now!

Go to view individual example video clips

Go to view individual techniques: QIK | BAK | FOR | SLO | MIS | DUM

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